Hello , my name is Johanna 

I’m a mother of four. I am writing this blog as a way of venting my thoughts. I have two sick children who I am full time carer to. My battles with daily life,disability and the world can be a huge struggle some days. I share some experiences here and I hope it helps others see a side of life we all seem to want to know doesn’t exist. 




  1. robyn says

    Jo this is a great website not only for those with disabled children but for everyone ,to give us an up close look at what all you strong brave loving parents/care givers lives are like 24-7 .Most of us have experienced our loved ones being sick and hospitalized for days or weeks and know how draining it is and how long it takes to get back to normal ,for you though being every day you are all simply amazing wonderfully strong people who need all the love support you can get especially the medical people who have the power to do something to about the pain management ,there also needs to be something in place for you care givers xxxxxxx


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